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Bitcom Informatics (OPC) Pvt. Ltd. is an IT based Company Situated at Indore, MP. The company is specialized in providing distinctive solutions related to various technological advancements. Our professional helps in providing interactive Website solutions such as website designing, website development, internet marketing activities & more. Bitcom Informatics are among the best it companies in Indore that seek to brings it solutions to its extreme level to provide the best web experience.

We also provide solutions in Software Applications development, Multimedia Presentations by latest technology. Our other vertical includes us in most trusted branding agency in central India along with most efficient outsourcing partner with the business clients. We are providing many attractive web applications, software and have invested substantially in people, processes, research and support to ensure that our customers/ business clients stay ahead of the competition and lead in their particular domain. Our commitment & dedication to quality work and service enhancements has earned us the recognition from our customers. With excellence in several years of knowledge, experience and proven proficiency, our team of experienced professionals attentively strives to meet your requirements. Our solutions are cost effective and high in class. We accomplish this by creating a long-term relationship with each partner by combining creative and cost-effective solutions with a solid foundation of support and maintenance. And therefore we are known as one of the best IT companies in Indore.

Golden Rule

Treat others the way you want to be treated. We believe in maintaining unbiased work culture in our organization and hence each of us believes in treating others the way they wanted to be treated irrespective of their position and role in the organization.

Result Orientation

We follow a result oriented approach in each of our endeavor that we do. We believe that results are the indicators of our competence and motivate to perform even better and better. So, we always perform to win as best is yet to come.


We appreciate and promote the willingness of taking the responsibility of one’s own action. We believe a person that is responsible will always mind his/her own action and would take up the responsibility of the work done.


We follow an open door policy and promote entrepreneurship attitude of our team. Our work culture supports a smooth flow of ideas and works as the best software designing and development company in Indore to create best innovations through our services. Each of us own the work they do and works for creating the best.

Team Work

We believe that unity can make the biggest difference and can fight any challenge. We are a closely knitted team and believe in team performance, while learning from each other’s strengths, weaknesses and experiences.

Our Skills & Expertise

Bitcom has a dedicated team of hardworking and committed skilled professional. The people at Bitcom continuously strive to attain knowledge and increase their talent to provide the best quality Web + PHP Open Source solutions to our valued customers. We keep our self updated with latest Trends so our clients, can take rest and concentrate on business. We had an array of multidisciplinary skilled employees forming the core of our capability.

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Website Design

Website Design

We are equipped with highly capable website designers to make intuitive website designs with amazing interfaces.

Website development

The website we develop have rich working features and very effective user support and functionality.

Ecommerce Development

Ecommerce Development

The landscape of ecommerce is changing and we keep up-to-date with latest trends and technology to serve with the best possible ecommerce solution for your business.

Android App Development

While making apps quick and responsiveness features are our main focuses. We aim to provide very effective user friendly android apps.

Search Engine optimization

We keep our criterions high enough to beat the competition for your SEO marketing needs. We are consistent with our SEO strategies to bring profitable results.

Digital Marketing

We rely on multi-level digital marketing strategy to stay tough in the competition. We provide digital marketing solutions that are reliable and trustworthy.

ERP Solutions

ERP Solutions

Our ERP solutions help to increase productivity and they are all cost-effective

Web Application Development

The web applications we make have great user interface and quickly responsive features.

Social Media Marketing

We drive great traffic from social media by leveraging its power. We have proven strategies to get the best out of social media marketing efforts.